#WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY Podcast EP. 1: Ronnika Ann McFall

via: Kimar Cain
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an idea in your head and turn it into something you can actually see?? Look no further – I did it and you can do it too, beloved.

CREATIVITY is our super power. ?LEGGGGO 

Our very own, Kimar Cain has a new digital series entitled, #WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY where he highlights working women that’s helping to push the culture forward.

Kimar’s main goal is make every Woman feel like a celebrity and to help change the narrative of how society views things.

Read more from Kimar below:

What’s happening man!? It’s your favorite country cousin, Kimar Cain coming to you allllll the way LIVE! I am proud to announce this new digital series branching from my podcast, “The Kimar Cain Show!” entitled, “#WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY”.

On #WWW we highlight all the working Women that are moving the culture FORWARD and today we get the opportunity to tune into the work and life of PR Guru, Ms. Ronnika Ann McFall (@ronnikaann). McFall is the owner of @ignpr, a publicist, event creator and coordinator and so much more!

Video via: @aross_adrx

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