Interview: Kimar Cain
What’s happening man!? It’s Kimar Cain coming to you allllllll the way LIVE! Ya favorite country cousin, ya favorite Mississippian and ya best friend and I’ve got yet ANOTHER ONE, that’s right, another episode of #WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY where we highlight all the working Women that are helping to move the culture FORWARD.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and chat with artist, writer, and actress, the beautiful and beautifully talented, Racquel Bianca John!

Racquel has been in movies such as “Burning Sands” (which can be found on Netflix) and can be seen in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film “Acrimony” in 2018 – she has also been in countless other productions!

Racquel said getting into acting was an accident and you’ll learn more about her acting career and her love for painting as you tune in!

Once again, thank you all in advance for tuning into this week’s episode of #WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY where we make EVERY Woman feel like a celebrity; hope you enjoy. lastly, DON’T FORGET TO LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE!

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