[VIDEO] Big Boi Shares A Never Before Told Story About Working With Organized Noize

Earlier this evening (May 18) legendary trio Organized Noize took over Terminal West as they detailed the early stages their career in front of a sold out crowd. The group attributed much of their success to the grind and wanting to be successful. “I remember being in the clubs and they would ask is New York in the house, is the West Coast in the house, stated founding member,” Rico Wade. We were just waiting from the to say Atlanta but no one ever said it, Wade” recalled.

Shot By VAP Productions
Shot By VAP Productions

Knowing they had to change the way the south was viewed when it came to music, the group recalled working with with Puff Daddy. “Puffy had to leave early, but he called the next day and said that we needed more footage. He said take them back to your hood and let them know where your from,” said Wade.

As the interview progressed Big Boi joined the group on stage as he recalled being discovered by the group. “DJ Mars was actually suppose to be their DJ but he had to go out of town for the summer so I was like hey my cousin knows how to DJ, his name is DJ I can get him to DJ for y’all, and that’s how it all got started” said Wade.

Big Boi later got on the mic and dish on some studio secrets of being in the studio during their early days. “It was all about the competition and the brother hood and how we all participated together. We would ask Rico what he thinks if he didn’t like it he would be like hey…order a pizza,” said Big Boi.

Check out the full interview above to see what else Big Boi had to say.

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