Saturday Morning Cartoons 90’s Style: Animaniacs Set To Return To Televisions!

Photo: The Toast

Ask any person who grew up in the 90’s to name their top 5 Saturday morning cartoons and I guarantee most will have Animaniacs on that list.  The Steven Spielberg developed show has gained a recent surge in popularity thanks to its arrival on Netflix last year. With its demand still high almost 20 years after it went off air, Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation have started to kick around the idea of rebooting the cartoon back to television.

The Animanicas ran from 1993-1998 and followed the 3 siblings Yakko, Wakoo and Dot who ran havoc on the Warner Bros. lot with all their friends including my two faves Pinky and The Brain.  It won 8 Emmy Daytime Awards and a Peabody Award during its run.

Although there is technically no home as of yet for the Animaniacs, the reboot of the show falls in line with the nostalgic movement of beloved 90’s cartoons and sitcoms remakes. “Fuller House” a reboot of 90’s sitcom “Full House” is one of the most watched Netflix original shows and has pushed the industry into talks of revisiting classic 90’s sitcoms like “Living Single”, “Sister, Sister” and more.  

With original creator Steven Spielberg allegedly on board to help with the crafting of the new and updated series it won’t be long till we are Instagraming pics of ourselves relieving our childhood with cereal in hand and Animaniacs on the screen.

Cant wait until then? Check out some clips below of the beloved cartoon!


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