Sahbabii Pulls Up With a Hit

By: Christina Jones
Photos: Music On The Dot

You’re probably lying if you say you haven’t heard Sahbabii’s new catchy single “Pull Up With Ah Stick,” considering that it is playing on every radio station. This past Wednesday, SahBabii, who is signed with Warner Bros, had his album release party at Opium in Atlanta, GA for his SANDAS Album that is in stores and available on iTunes now.

Before that, however, he stopped by Precise Cutts, one of the dopest Barbershop/Salon Mashups in Atlanta, where his Barber of about 5 years (@KhilBhil on instagram) gave his brother and dad a quick lineup before the party.

As the doors opened, SahBabii had gift bags waiting for all guests, where inside you would find SahBabii bracelets and condoms inside (Thanks for providing the safety, SahBabii!). SahBabii came out and performed Pull Up With Ah Stick and a few other songs from his album. At just 20 years old, SahBabii is just hitting the surface.

Check out SANDAS available in stores and on iTunes!

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