Ray Lewis: Stand Up, We Don’t Want Nor Need Your Knee

Photo: Hollywood Life

Today Ray Lewis took a knee along with 26 other Baltimore Raven players to show solidarity and to protest the killing of unarmed Black Men, Women and Children by Police Officers. And to that we say, Congratulations Mr. Lewis… You Played Yourself. We don’t need nor want your knee.

Coon – /ko͞on/ is an urban slang word used to describe a black person who does things to appease white people and to appear better in their eyes. No one in the sports world has exemplified this recently more than Ray Lewis.

In his hay day Ray Lewis was a symbol of Black Excellence. Arguably the best defense player ever to play in the league. He led the Baltimore Ravens to two Superbowl Championships snagging the MVP title in 2001. He also started the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation, a charity that provides personal and economic assistance to disadvantaged youth. But since the spark and publicity of Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem, he has proven to be an asset to a seemingly racist NFL organization hell bent on presenting counteractive thoughts that undermine why Kaepernick decided to protest in the first place.  

Over the past year Ray Lewis has blasted Black Lives Matters, perpetuating the silence of their platform against police brutality by stating that they need to focus on ‘Black on Black’ crime first. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Trump after their meeting together and praised his pick of Ben Carson as lead of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, even though Ben Carson’s position and platform has been riddled with counterproductive ideas and actions against African Americans. He condemned the entire NFL National Anthem protest, and called Kaepernick’s protesting on the field “nonsense” while advising him to be quiet about his activism off the field. He stated “The Football field is our sanctuary… If you do nothing else young man, get back on the football field and let your play speak for itself, And what you do off the field, don’t let too many people know, because they gonna judge you anyway, no matter what you do, no matter if its good or bad”. He even admitted to being a deciding factor in Kaepernick not being signed with the Baltimore Ravens this season.

So after going against the movement since its inception we are now to believe that he is on the side of impartiality, justice and “being woke”? Or maybe we are to believe in the words of Dr. King and to judge on the “content of their character” and believe that he is only kneeling to this side to try and gain favor and respectability. Too bad it’s just a little too late. Continue standing bruh, your true colors have already been exposed.  

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  1. Soon as I saw that clown the same shit was running through my head. I Can’t Fuck with DANCING CLOWNS SMFH


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