RaRa ‘I Am What I Am’ Private Listening Session

Story: Khiry Clements
Photos: Tash Wright
It was a celebration for Grand Hustle newcomer RaRa Thursday night. The Atlanta rapper celebrated his new project release I Am What I Am.

Held at Silent Sound Studio in Atlanta, Rara held a private early listening session for people to come out and hear his new mixtape a day before the release.

After being co-signed by Trouble Man himself, TI, on his Instagram which previewed the breakout single “For The Money”, Rara is set to release his Grand Hustle debut to the world on Thursday.

“@dopeboyra & da king goin back & forth about it on #FORTHEMONEY OUT right now!!!” said TI on an Instagram post Thursday on the eve of the mixtape release. ON this track, the two rappers battle back and forth on the 4-minute track.

The 7-track mixtape includes songs such as “FWM”, “Dear Summer”, and “Lawd” which had sentimental value to the rapper.

“When I was down, I told God that if He ever gave me the opportunity to be in this position, I’m going to always spread the word and every chance I get I’m going to speak His name,” said Rara.

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