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Story: Nori Nori
If you were not interested in any of “45th’s” controversial speech for the State of The Union Address and wanted an alternative Roland Martin delivered handsomely. Everyone by now is aware that his show News One Now was canceled by TV One. It was a shock to many; we need the black voice and perspective in news.

On the heels of his show being canceled and the news stories still developing every day Martin made some phones calls. The calls resulted in what Martin called, “The Real State of Our Union.” He partnered with the NAACP and locked down a location not far from where Trump would be delivering his address. Folks of all nationalities and background assembled at the historic Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

Martin wanted to be certain that a different point of view was being offered. Martin was mindful of the many generations that would be watching and put together two panels.

The first panelist includes:- Dr. Greg Carr, chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies, Howard University; Derrick Johnson, CEO, NAACP; Kristen Clarke, president and executive director, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; William Spriggs, AFL-CIO economist; Melanie Campbell, Black Women’s Roundtable; and Liz Copeland, Urban Conservative Project. Martin assembled a team of bright minds from different walks of life that were all dropping gems and pearls of wisdom.

The second panelist includes:- Tiffany Loftin, labor and human rights organizer; Joscelin Garcia, President of the US Student Association; Eugene Craig, Maryland Republican; Dayvon Love, director of Research and Public Policy, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle; and Howard Univ. student activist Simone Yhap. This panel of leaders was the millennials, and they were the bomb! To conclude the event was Rev. Dr. William Barber of Repairers of the Breach. He delivered a word in that church, I was a witness and it was invigorating.

Each panel was captivating, no matter how far a person leaned right or left they knew that we (black and brown people) had come to the point where party lines would no longer define us. It’s the dawn of a new day in politics. Black and brown people are starting to talk more and more issues and step away from choosing blue or red. I found that each panelist in their own way was fed up with how America is being destroyed. Even the black Republicans are being clear that Trump does not represent their conservative ways. He twists Christian values to fit his unjust agenda. Not one panelist defended Trump and they all were tired of him. I sat in the back of that church proud of my brothers and sisters in that sanctuary. There were white folks, brown folks, red folks and yellow. I was happy to see that these great minds were sharing their historic references and were just on their stuff. I learned so much those few hours, some I already knew but mostly how we are black people have the capacity to create movements. As Melanie Campbell said, “we have to get in these streets… some of us will have to go to jail.” When I think the many people who have come before me, I think of what I need to do to get involved. I think about how we must be a part of the movement and not be bystanders. This chaos, that we are living in is not going to just go away. We must be vigilant in our fight for justice, and we must put our money where our mouth is. Each of the panelists represented an organization. I urge you to google those organizations and if their mission and values align with yours I challenge you to support them. We are all familiar with the NAACP, join your local chapter.

Elders, that are teaching the next generation and helping to mold the next leaders thank you. To the elders that are standing in the way your time will come soon. It is about fighting for the world we want our children and their children to live in. At the conclusion of “The Real State of Our Union Address,” Roland Martin revealed some real tea. He is officially taking his show to free digital platforms and has funder. We will be able to catch Roland Martin Unfiltered weekdays on many of our favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, periscope, and YouTube to name a few. We can all be a part of keeping this black man delivering cutting edge stories and informing us. It will take money to fund a show that can no longer be canceled. He needs staff to support a quality newscast. He is asking that if everyone donates $5 then we are in business for real. He so eloquently stated that he wanted his show powered by the people. I do too. Support his new show and give money. It is time to build our own political power. To quote Derrick Johnson, CEO, NAACP,” our vote is our currency.”To find out more information and updates on when Martin will launch his new digital platform show visit, www.RolandSMartin.com

If you missed The Real State of Our Union Address watch now it here, https://www.facebook.com/rolandsmartinfanpage/.

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