Perspective: Did The Movie ‘Brown Sugar’ Predict The New Era Of Mumble Rap?

While BET continues to run the 2002 classic film ‘Brown Sugar’ on repeat, this got us wondering….did Brown Sugar predict the new era of mumble rap?

Brown Sugar is a film that follows the evolving relationship between Sidney (Sanaa Lathan), an attractive young woman who has just been appointed the editor-in-chief of the hip-hop magazine XXL, and Dre (Taye Diggs), an A&R for Millennium Records.

Dre is forced into settling into his life when a decision to sign an untalented but commercially viable rap group ‘Ren & Ten’ forces him to choose between his love for true hip hop and his job.

Without warning Dre decides to quit his job and start his own record company, focusing on bringing back the real hip hop that his generation fell in love with.

“I want to make my artist my partners. It will be like a new way of doing business,” stated Dre.

After watching the film a few times this made me wonder if Ren & Ten ‘The Hip Hop Dalmatians’ created a new lane for mumble rappers we didn’t see coming. 

Clearly the two lack a musical skill set, but their catchy “The Hoe Is Mine” hook simply can’t be denied.

Now lets put things into perspective, the two were commercially sound look wise having a black and white rap duo and the flashy clothes but sonically sounded horrible…. which by the way in 2017 there are quite a few rappers that fall into this category (just being honest).

But…..the music industry still found a ‘lane’ for the group, which seems to be the case now. 

In our opinion it seems the music industry has gotten away from the lyricism and hard hitting rhymes to focus more on commercial appeal and social media reach.

With a lack of artist development and social media serving as a record label, the rules and guidelines to pure artistry seem to have gone out the window.

Which makes us wonder, does one feel we are more in an education era or have we transitioned to an application era?

Is there a solution or do we ride the wave until something new comes?

With that being said, the question still remains…how do we keep information flowing between generations when the younger generation needs to know their history and the previous generation needs to be able to keep up with the times?

Lets talk!

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