It’s Time! Loud Genius Presents A “7am” Exclusive

Interview Conducted By: Che Hudson
The Atlanta music scene is filled with talent, but there’s something truly special about new comer 7am. Recently I had a chance to sit down with 7am to go beyond the talent and behind the scenes to see why he’s one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets.

Che Hudson: How would you describe yourself using two words?

7am-“Um, Free, that’s the biggest one and honest. That’s what I display in my music more than anything. Honestly, I kind of put my life into each record so if you can relate to it and you can relate to me as a person and not just the music, then um I’m free you know, like It’s different because you know I’m not really tryning conform, sort of speak. I’m not um, trying be like nobody else. I just do what I feel, and how I actually feel. Ok, you know, so, free and honest.

When you hear the words “Loud Genius” what does it mean to you?

It’s kind of a, It’s kind of a contradiction. Those two don’t really go together, you know most geniuses are quiet, I kind of like it, it’s DOPE.  

I think the contradiction of the title you know, really makes it intriguing, you know? You ever met a loud Genius? “Yes, me. It’s actually why I Joined the Loud Genius Platform”. (CHE) (Interview continues)

I know, it’s dope though. Like I heard Einstein was a quiet person. But um, I don’t know, I think art when I hear that. We would be the loudest geniuses there are. Could be a science, (Laughs) most of those cats are quiet, trust me I was a Pre Med, so I know.

How do you market your music?

I’m a firm believer that good music pushes itself. You know, especially when we find something we think is dope we have a natural instinct to share. We don’t want to be the only ones enjoying something so when it comes to passing out a record it’s what we do so, I firmly believe I put out good music and take advantage of any platform I can. Then it’s going to do it itself, you know. The marketing is already done right there by sharing.

Have you worked with any celebrities in the industry yet?

Worked with no, especially not musically. I’ve worked with a couple of artist oversees, Like Angelo King, Cups with the Ice, you know, they’re in Germany, Netherlands. No one too big. But yea no one too big, everything is really fresh, right out of the stove, not everybody knows about it yet. Plus, I’m pretty private when I’m creating, at least right now because it so Fresh.

How old are you?


Are you single? Have any kids?

No kids. I got a puppy though, that was enough for me right there. Um, single yes. Yes I am. I’ve been single for a while. Tried! But music tends to be the only relationship I can get to last.

Why do you feel like your relationships aren’t lasting?

I probably just need some more growing you know like I’m not one of those people to make excuses or blame other people it’s more than likely me. You know it’s usually the same reason, time invested, you know, acting like I care. I mean I always care but I’m very one track minded right now in life. I’m young, I’m hungry. I know I got a lot of stuff to work on so my focus doesn’t really deter from that and its very noticeable so I can’t blame someone for feeling some type of way but you also can’t blame me”.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Hmm, celebrity crush. Hmm, I got like this super crush on this chick in LA named Indya Marie. Yea, it’s a Instagram crush so it’s kind of real but I’m not going to hop in her DM’s though (Laughs). I’m going to LA this summer so hopefully I find her.

Name an artist you would love to work with?

There’s so many. There’s so many at the top of the list but I’m a die-hard Drake fan. I don’t care what anybody says. I don’t care how many ghost writers pop up I don’t care what anyone has to say, I’m a loyal fan, I’ve always been a big fan of Drake. He’s always at the top of people I want to work with but I just think we would make a dope record together. But um, you know I’d love to work with a lot of people with three kings in my mind, Kendrick, Cole, Drake, all three of them. All-time favorite ever since I was kid, Andre. “Oh really, that’s DOPE”! (CHE) (Interview continues) Yea definitely Andre, that’s the icing on the cake right there.

Do you come from a musical background?

Church. I’m pretty musical. I played the piano at church. I played the Guitar a little bit, tried the drums, turns out I’m not coordinated for that.

Was every instrument you played self-taught?

Pretty much yea, I didn’t have any money for lessons growing up I just had access to it and it was Grandfathers church so my mother sang in the choir my dad use to be in like was in a group. So you know he had the perm and stuff, all that smooth stuff. My uncle he still travels and plays with his band he does gigs and stuff. My brother is a rapper. Everyone pretty much dabs in music.

What advice would you give an upcoming artist?

Persistence, that’s really it. You know persistence in every aspect of it you know, just go for it no matter what anyone tells you like no you need to listen to some of the shit people tell you because constructive criticism is a real thing. You know, I wouldn’t be as well off as I am you know or even climbing that latter I’m on if I ignored what people told me. Listen to them, as long as they are promoting and you’re getting better, listen to them. Don’t ever think that you’re too good to take advice. When someone says that they don’t like a song don’t say fuck them, instead ask them why. Its really simple. You can say fuck what they think but at the end of the day they buy records, they gone pay for those tickets. You want them to care, and you gotta care. So stay persistent with your attitude of growth, you know stay persistent with making good music, trying be better. Don’t ever think you’re at your ceiling and you can’t develop more as an artist because you always can. Stay persistent through the “NO’S”. If you listen to all the stories from the people that made it, all of times they got more no’s before they got that yes. Jay himself got turned away from every label. You know. He made it because he started his own and did it himself and now the labels come back to him. Vera, Oprah, was way passed the age we think we gotta make it at before they made it. So and it’s persistent. It’s all it is. And it’s like the one comparative trait out of all success stories that is persistent. It’s the ability to push pass the bullshit. And that’s my advice.

“Wow, thank you so much for taking time out your day to conduct this interview with me, you’re dope and we can’t wait to hear more”

“Thank you”.

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