Introducing Steven L. Gooden; Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret

Story: Joi W
Featured Artist
Steven L. Gooden, II (Kwame)

Allow me to introduce to you an extraordinary percussionist by name name of Steven L. Gooden, II, who goes by the name Kwame.

Steven is a professional drummer, recording artist, educator, producer, and music director. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Through his great contributions in the entertainment world, the award winning Gooden has had the honor of playing alongside many well-known artists including the likes of Dottie Peoples, Kelly Price, and a host of others. 

I had the pleasure to listen to his new album entitled ‘Drumeleon” (Out of Pocket). It is a very settled, relaxing, and enjoyable album that you can wind down to.

If you are into listening to wonderful instruments and a Jazz/New Age feel, this is the album for you. If you own a business or work in an office setting, this album is for you. You can purchase his album through Amazon, Spotify and YouTube also has this album available. Check him out!

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