[INTERVIEW] Lil Duval On Opening Doors For Internet Comics; “I Started That, I’d Be Mad At Myself If I Was Mad At Them.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.30.49 AMStory & Interview: Charlene Montas
Photo: MTV
MTV’s own Lil’ Duval kicked off this Labor Day weekend in the Queen City with a FOUR-NIGHT mini tour at The AvidXchange Music Factory’s Comedy Zone. Definitely not a stranger to the QC, fans of the comedian showed no hesitance coming out with a flash flood warning in effect to get their laughs off for the night.

After the show, I caught up with Duval to chitchat for a bit:

You decided to spend your Labor Day Weekend in Charlotte – Does anything in particular excite you about the Queen City?

LD: “It’s a good weekend to come out here. I’ve been coming out here for a while now and when I come the people show love – even though it’s a tropical storm out there,” he joked referencing the heavy downpour outside.

So when you’re here do you ever venture out into the city and get hands on with the community?

LD: “I always go out into the city just to get a feel, but I don’t really have an agenda. I just go out and it takes me where it takes me.

Switching gears a little bit – ‘Meet The Blacks’ hit theaters back in April. What’s your next project?

LD: “We got a movie called ‘Growhouse’. I don’t know when the f**k the s**t is coming out. (The movie has been in the works since 2014) I’m just waiting on DJ Pooh. That’s the guy who [co-wrote] ‘Friday’, ‘3 Strikes’, and ‘The Wash’”, he stated giving a brief background on the producer. “Everything he’s done pretty much became a classic, especially ‘Friday’; so whenever this comes out it will be a classic too, but until then I got ‘Hip-Hop Squares’ (VH1) coming in October. I just do me. I’m not one of those resume dudes.”

We obviously know that stand-up is where you got your start and you know naturally with comedians they do venture off into film and you’ve done music and television. So as far as new comedians these days popping up all over social media how do you feel about that and them getting their start and kind of getting their foot in the door in an easier way – maybe not working as hard as you probably did?

LD: “I mean I couldn’t feel bad about it because they are going through the door [that] I opened for them. All that sh*t they do social media – I started that.” “Really, I’d be mad at myself if I was mad at them.”

Do you ever find it hard to stay relevant with material? You know how everything is just coming out so quickly?

LD: “No- cause everything that’s going on I’ve been doing for 10 years now. This is all old to me. The only difference is the speed of certain sh*t happening,” the comedian explained. “I don’t try to keep up with certain things. When you get to a certain age tryin’ to keep up and be with the young kids – you’re gonna look stupid. I don’t wanna be that ‘old n***a trying to be young. Gotta let people do what they do. I’d be sounding like my parents or the old men that came before me. I don’t wanna be that. I let them do their thing and I do my thing.”  

I know it’s getting late here and I’ve got one last question. What are some things that are just always funny and something that you just think is never ever funny?

LD: “There is nothing that’s never not funny. That’s comedy. Everything is funny. What ain’t funny to you? Death? Death is funny. All this sh*t is funny. That’s life,” he chuckled. “Life is funny. The older you get, the less you take life serious. Why are you gonna take something so serious that’s gonna happen anyway? It’s gonna happen whether you do something or not. So why take it that serious?”     

Take Lil’ Duval’s advice and loosen up a little, relax, and maybe even ‘Kill Em’ With The Shoulders’ in the meantime. Be on the look out for the premier airdate of ‘Hip-Hop Squares’ hitting VH1 – next month!

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