ALL EYEZ ON ME Cast Shares Favorite Tupac Moment That Defined Music Excellence

Courtesy Photo
Friday, June 16th on Tupac’s birthday ‘ALL EYEZ ON Me’ is set to be released in theaters nationwide and many music lovers and enthusiast are excited to see the film. In preparation for the upcoming film we had a chance to catch up with the cast Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Kat Graham as well as Creator & Producer L.T. Hutton at Means Street Studios on Thursday, June 8th.

Back in Atlanta, GA which is where the film was filmed. Demetrius Shipp Jr. L.T. Hutton and Kat Graham had an opportunity to go beyond the talent and behind the scenes diving into the full life story of West Coast Icon Tupac. With that being said I had a chance to jog the cast memory to call a moment in the rappers career that defined music excellence to them. Press play below to check out the full clip.

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