[INTERVIEW] The Next Chapter: Kobe Bryant Talks Life After Basketball

In 2015 NBA phenom Kobe Bryant suddenly announced his retirement mid-season of the 2015-2016 season as the sports world came to a stand still. Bryant racked up 20 impressive years playing with the Los Angeles Lakers winning 6 NBA titles.

Following the announcement of his retirement Kobe’s farewell tour was nothing less than epic. Arena after arena, teams played some of the greatest moments of the Black Mambas’s career, and he even had a black mamba snake named after him at the Atlanta Zoo.

Bryant’s final home game in a Lakers Purple and Gold uniform was one that cemented him in the history books.

Scoring 61, Bryant went out with a bang! Not only that but he pinned perhaps one of the most heart felt letters that the game has ever felt entitled ‘Dear Basketball’. The oration and imagery of his love for the game was absolutely beautiful!

So much so that nearly a year after announcing his retirement, Kobe finds himself back in the media, only this time on the opposite side of the ball.

Over the weekend Bryant premiered his sports short animation ‘Dear Basketball’ at the Tribeca Film Festival and it was nothing less then epic! This 6 minute animated piece illustrated by Glen Keane walks you through the life, legacy and career of Kobe Bryant.

Before the start of the sports short I had a chance to catch up with Kobe and the Bryant family on the red carpet of ‘Dear Basketball’. Press play to see what he’s been up to since announcing his retirement!

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