Don’t Go Broke This Holiday Season: 5 Easy Side Hustles

Did Black Friday burn a hole in your pocket? Need a way to make some extra money “This Christmas”? We all do. Time is ticking as we approach the biggest consumer holiday of the year. That sentence alone gives me (and my pockets) major anxiety.

Here are 5 side hustles to fill out your funds this holiday season during your free time. 

1. Drive Uber or Lyft: Create your own schedule, be on the open road, meet new people, get to know your city, and make money. Sounds easy and fun enough to me. Each company has their pros and cons, but do some research to see what the best fit is for you.  Head over to and to apply. 

2. Staying in the house more your speed? No problem. Have an opinion about everything? USASurveyJob will pay you up to $35 per survey “for data entry, performing email response, reviews, surveys and other online projects”. You are able to make your own schedule too.   The companies reviews are great….give them a look over!     

3. or If you have any experience working with children and consider yourself an early riser….this sounds like the job for you. These companies are always hiring part-time online ESL Teachers to teach English to adorable children in China. There are countless videos on YouTube to coach you throw the application process with pointers. Some teachers are making up to 3k extra a month from only working 7 hours a week! Shoot your shot!

4. Online Transcriber/ Social Media Evaluator: Companies like and will pay you to “evaluate the quality and relevance of online search results, ads, or web page content and give input on whether or not it’s relevant”. All you need is a laptop, working internet connection, and more than 200 Facebook friends! The pay is anywhere from $9-30 per hour for  20 hours of work per week. Head over to those sites and check it out.

5. Sell your stuff: None of the above suit your fancy? Sell your stuff on sites like or eBay. You can even try out apps like  LetGo. Not only is this a great way to downsize as we move into the New Year, but it’s an easy way to make some extra money.

I just put you on, but don’t be afraid to do more research. If you have the time (and the resources) you could do more than one on the list or seek out your own. Having multiple hustles is a great way to not go broke this holiday season, but to also start down a path of financial freedom. Invest the time and invest in yourself!

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