Chrisette Michele, Tina Campbell and Steve Harvey Gon Learn Today To Put Some Respect On The Black Dollar

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Black women are at the intersection of Commerce, Culture and Consciousness. What we wear, where we go, what we say and who we support are emulated by the masses. Spending upwards of 1.2 trillion dollars a year, Black women’s commands for diversity, recognition and alignment with core values from companies they patronize with has never been more loud and apparent. Birdman said it best… “Put some Respek on my name,” and if you don’t you will certainly feel the wrath of this #BlackGirlMagic.

All week long my Facebook, Twitter, and Girl Group Chats (Hey Boo) have been ablaze with “Not Here For It” mentions for Chrisette Michelle, Tina Campbell, and Steve Harvey after their connections and interactions with Orange Face #45 Donald Trump.

Chrisette Michele found herself whimpering at the mic (literally) this past Thursday on The Breakfast Club trying to get back in the good graces of her fans who have abandoned her and her music since she performed at the Inauguration in January for Trump. It was quite a difference in demeanor from her earlier interview in January right after her performance where she defiantly defended her decision to sing amid requests and pleas for her not to from fans and celebrities alike. When speaking to the Power 105.1 trio she opened up about her life since then and how far she has fallen. In the months after her performance she received so much backlash that she experienced deep depression, was dropped from her label and had a miscarriage. While many expressed sympathies for her miscarriage, the overall consensus was that of indifference to her struggles with her label and depression. “Whatever I’m not supporting her. I don’t care what she do at this point. Even if I like a song she come out with, I’ll never pay for anything she’s involved in” – (Sharisse from my Group Chat)

Tina Campbell one half of the gospel Group Mary Mary saw her fans disappear and pull back their support after she admitted to voting for Trump. She stated “And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make me feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote… and some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.” When people became irate with her statement, she neither apologized or rescinded what she said, rather she told multiple sources that people should just “move on” and get over it. Well they certainly took note, and move on from supporting her upcoming “It’s Still Personal Tour.” Days after her views on Trump went viral she announced through Instagram that due to slow sales and lack of support the tour would be cancelled.

Last but not least Steve Harvey had to bow to the weight of Black Backlash when he saw a ratings drop for all 3 of his shows. Steve, Family Feud and Little Big Shots all saw a decline in ratings, some even by 50%. Back in January Harvey met with Trump and posed for pictures outside of Trump Towers sparking many former fans to call for a boycott against him. In the months after that Steve Harvey remained dismissive of those who were hurt and dismayed by his chumminess with Trump and continued to defend his decision. Only after the recent ratings announcements has he begun to sing a different tune, stating on his radio show “Meeting with Donald Trump was the Worst Mistake of my Life!”

It seems the common thread between all three isn’t just Donald Trump but their cavalier attitude toward that core audience of Black fans who were hurt and disgusted by their association with #45. Chrisette Michele, Tina Campbell and Steve Harvey all coming from Neo Soul, Gospel and Black Comedy roots took for granted the loyalty of their biggest day one supporters. But in an era where our generation knows and understands the power of our dollar and support and how it can evoke change, these callous mistakes aren’t ones to be overlooked or forgiven too soon. In the words of our favorite 2017 “It” girl Cardi B, if we got beef with you, “We Gon Beef Foreva.”

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