Bow Wow’s Response to the #BowWowChallenge and Social Media Trolls: It Was All A Marketing Ploy for My New Show!



Bow Wow has been getting dragged on social media this week after being caught red handed “Frontin for the Gram” when his post on Instagram of flying on a private jet was proven to not be true after he was caught flying commercial… and in coach. When he arrived at Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97 the rap mogul alluded to the idea that his getting caught lying was actually a marketing ploy for promotion for his upcoming show on WeTV “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” premiering May 25th.

 This wouldn’t be the first time he’s been called out for alluding to a lifestyle that is not his. In 2014 he posted a few pictures of himself behind the wheel of a white Ferrari during Grammy weekend, alluding to it being his car until the rental company decided to gain some press of their own and reveal that it was in fact really their car.

 He didn’t seem to learn his lesson when in April of 2016 he posted a picture of hundreds of thousands of dollars wrapped up on a bed to his Instagram. It wouldn’t have been a problem to his fans and foes alike if it had not been revealed that it was not his original picture or money, but that of a stock trader named Timothy Skyes.

 So now caught in this scenario for a third time do we believe Bow Wow and his marketing ploy response or add him to the ever-growing list of people faking it on social media?

 Catch his full interview below and let us know.

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