Black Ink Has Officially Opened It’s Doors In Atlanta

Story: Tramaine Davis
Photos: Sam ‘Thuro’ Clifton
Have you ever wondered what the artists of Black Ink Crew Atlanta were like when they’re not drawing up masterpieces? If so yesterday (April 16) would have been your golden opportunity.

April 16 Black Ink opened their doors to the city of Atlanta with their first ever meet and greet and it was an amazing event with a great turnout.

The man himself Ceaser Emmanuel showed up for the event to take pictures with fans and even do a couple of tattoo sessions. Along side was his friend and partner Ted, a personal chef known as Chef Joe, and some of his out of this world talented artists such as Richard aka “Ohshit”, iamphokuz, Kayo, Wady, and LA.

These guys were phenomenal from the way they carried themselves to the way they created these magnificent works of art. I personally talked to all of them just to see what they were really about and they all pretty much said the same thing on why they chose to do tattoos for a living. They do it because it is what they truly love and it’s something they’re very passionate about. Each work of art has a different meaning and they love the stories they come with.

The event started off with people taking pictures and meeting with Ceaser at a section set up by celebrity photographer Michael Davis who is a wizard with the camera. He was shooting shots of people and handing out prints signed by Ceaser all evening to really capture the moment.

If you weren’t getting your picture taken or getting an awesome tattoo, then you were probably eating some of the delicious food cooked by Chef Joe. He had tons of choices from 2 pasta’s, chicken, potato salad, etc. These guys really went all out to host this event and I couldn’t possibly be any more impressed by their hospitality.

The atmosphere was electric and had nothing but good vibes from great people all around. I love what Ceaser and the Black Ink Crew are doing for the city of Atlanta and the African American culture by promoting black business and showing what hard work is really all about. It really does not get any better than this.

These guys run a tight ship and it shows for itself in the way they handle business. Ceaser is a true inspiration to young black men like myself and I can’t wait to get together with these guys again.

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