8 Reasons to Enjoy Being Single this Holiday Season

It’s the beginning of December and the holiday season is in full swing. Festivities, libations, and fellowship… Which all can be a  bit overwhelming especially if you’re single.


Tis’ the season of togetherness, which can leave singles feeling alone, nostalgic and missing people you know you don’t even want. All of which are normal emotions and contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to feel. What’s not okay, is letting the craziness of the holidays push you into a “situationship” because of desperation and one too many drinks from the open bar at that Holiday party.

Here’s a list that’ll help you radiate Christmas cheer as you embrace being single this holiday season.

1. “Mo’ Money, No problems”: You save money because being single during the holidays automatically means one less gift to buy. Everybody’s broke on December 26th, but not you….all because you don’t have a boo!

2. “Reclaiming My Time”: You don’t have to awkwardly split time between your family and someone else’s. Instead, you can spend time catching up with your family and making memories with your friends without the obligation of committing to another person’s scheduled plans.

3.Sorry, not Sorry”: The holidays have a way of making everyone’s suppressed anxiety from the course of the year more apparent. A drink, or two, (or three) may just take the edge off and because you’re single you don’t worry about that side-eye from anyone’s family, but your own.

4. “Bed Peace”: With that time off from work or whatever, you can spend it however you like. Netflix binge? Sure. Hibernation? Go for it. There’s something so relaxing about having a free schedule and spending the day in bed. Grab a body pillow to keep cozy and knock yourself out….literally.

5. “Work, work, work, work, work”: If you’re not the type to bury yourself in bed, you can always throw yourself into work. Whether it be finishing up a to-do list, sewing seeds into your goals, taking a few days to volunteer at a shelter, creating a vision board, or maybe adding an extra workout or two to your routine to combat that winter weight. Now’s the time to get it all done and go into the New Year feeling accomplished.

6. “The Art of Peer Pressure”: There’s always this pressure of ‘Omg, what am I going to do for NYE?’ ….then when you do find plans, there’s that awkward moment of the couples in attendance kissing at midnight. Don’t feel obligated to put yourself through that. Consider making plans ringing in the New Year in more intimate settings, maybe with close friends. Or you could still go out, live it up, and kiss a stranger when that clock strikes. The choice is yours….that’s the beauty of being single, there’s no pressure and the choice is always yours.

7. “Feeling Myself”: Being single during the holidays, means you can create your own traditions. Maybe that means using that extra time to practice self-care. Or instead of the “12 Days of Christmas”, do the “12 Days of You”…dedicate the twelve days leading up to Christmas doing something you enjoy. Whether it means seeing a Christmas show, treating yourself to a spa day, anything you want. In a season of celebrations, take time to celebrate…you!

8. “Ain’t No Complaints”: Seriously, no one wants to hear you complain about being single. We’re conditioned to think being single is taboo, but living single is a great time to invest in yourself. Don’t let this holiday season make you feel like being single is a curse. Don’t let anytime or anyone make you feel that way. Single is not an insult. It’s not even something to complain about….you’ll meet your person when the time is right. As for now, shét-up and enjoy the journey! 

Remember, being single means having the freedom to make yourself happy in whatever way you see fit…because if you don’t love yourself….how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? 

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