50 Cent Threatens To Pull The Plug On ‘Power’

Photo: Starz
Looks like there may be a little trouble in paradise according to one of ‘Power’s’ Executive Producers 50 Cent who stars on the show as Kanan.

The rapper turned actor and executive producer isn’t to happy with the direction the show is going in on Starz and had no problem expressing his concern on social media.

Now 50 has taken a few shots at the network in previous post, but this one might have taken it over the edge.

From the looks of things and the way things are going this season, 50 has every right to be upset. We have literally watched two main characters played by Anika Noni Rose and J.R. Ramirez get killed.

According to show runner Courtney Kemp the episode was suppose to be split into to parts, but because of the amount of shows that were allotted the team was forced to combine the two leaving out a few key story lines and plot twist.

“Unfortunately, Starz would not give us the extra episode. I asked them for 12 episodes for season 4 and they would not do it. So because they would not do it, we had to make it one episode,” said Kemp. 

With 50 threatening to take his talents to ‘South Beach’, which network would you like to see ‘Power’ love to? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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