WWE Smackdown Recap: Randy Orton Speaks; “Winning Is The Only Option”

Photos: Torrey Fields
Last night (May 30) in the ATL Tuesday night Smackdown Live along with 205 Live made it’s way to Phillips Arena for a full evening of fun. Fans piled into the arena early to cheer on some of their favorite wrestlers in the ring, including hometown hero A.J. Styles.

One thing is for certain, Tuesday nights promo for ‘Money In The Bank’ had fans on the edge of their seats eager to see some of the biggest matchups to hit the ring.

Bossman Shane McMahon made his way to the ring to book the first ever 5 way ‘Women’s Money In The Bank’ ladder match up.

In last nights main event matchup Dolph Ziggler came up big over A.J. Styles.

But……the main drama came from Randy Orton as he took to the ring to give his thoughts on the upcoming ‘Money In The Bank Showdown’. “Wrestlemania is in my blood,” said Orton as he referenced his late grandfather a few times along with his fathers impact. He recalled loosing the championship to Jinder Mahal , but assured the crowd he is ready for revenge. “Winning is the only option,” continued Orton before taking the top ropes to flex for the crowd.

As the Smackdown crew looks to gear up for Money In The Bank, Randy Orton looks to become the ultimate champion for the 14th time in his wrestling career.

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