What Now?: Mike Vick Speaks On Post NFL Career Plans, Allen Iverson Comparison And More

Interview: Bria Janelle
Shot By: Ced L Young
It’s no secret that former Atlanta Falcons QB Mike Vick was arguably one of the most exciting shows on turf.

Vick now 36, recently announced his retirement from the NFL and wasted no time jumping full force into the community through his camps and other business endeavors.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend I had a chance to make my way down to Anderson Park in Atlanta, GA for the Michael Vick Elite Showcase to speak with the sports icon and this was perhaps one of the coolest conversations ever. From NBA Playoff talk to being considered the “Allen Iverson” of football nothing was off limits. 

Being a native of Atlanta, you can’t talk about culture and not mention the name Michael Vick. Vick essentially shaped the landscaped of a new era of mobile QB’s. His ability to scramble in the pocket, take off running and throw across his body 50-60 yards was absolutely incredible.

Plain and simple Michael Vick was and will always be ‘True To Atlanta’.

Watch our full interview above.


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