Lithuania Welcomes LaVar, LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball Like Rockstars

The Ball family; (LaVar, LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball) have arrived in Lithuania and they are receiving the royal treatment.

The Ball’s was greeted with a live performance of “Welcome to Lithuania” while being mobbed by dozens of reporters and fans as they arrived ready to join their new team, the Prienu Vytautas.

LaMelo and LiAngelo are expected to make their debut January 9th in the Baltic League game.

Of course you know LaVar had a ball; (no pun intended) fielding questions from media and fans, and even can be heard telling reports “I’m to fast to get hurt” as he was being bombarded with cameras and questions.

As they made their way towards the bus the Ball pushed their way through the crowds.

The dynamic duo of LiAngelo and LaMelo will soon have an opportunity to showcase their skills for their new ball club.

So…..if you’re wondering how the other players on the team are reacting to their new teammates and the media, they seem to be pretty cool with it.

Edvinus Seskus son of the head coach responded by telling ESPN; “I understand that I will lose some playing time,” but I am still happy that they are coming. Maybe more scouts and agents will watch our games because of them and we will have a better opportunity to show our talent even if some of us will lose playing time.”

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