Could Kendrick Perkins Be Re-Joining The Cleveland Cavaliers This Season

Photo: Instagram
With the 2017-2018 NBA season right around the corner, NBA players around the league are getting ready to head back to work in hopes of winning an NBA title.

Earlier today Lebron James tweeted out the first team picture of the Cleveland Cavaliers…and guess who we spotted in the picture…Kendrick Perkins.

As of now 2017-2018 roster does not include Perkins name on it, but…..King James may have just given us a sneak peak into the Cavs next move may be. 

Today Perkins joined the team at Lebron James Minicamp in California and will come to training camp next week sources are reporting.

By the way….Perkins is no stranger to the Cavaliers locker room. During the 2014-2015 season Perkins, now 32 played with the Cavs and apparently he’s interested in making his return.

Now there is no guarantee that Perkins will actually make the roster seeing that their 15 player slots are pretty much filled but he does round off 19 out of 20 that will be added to the training camp roster.

This 13-year veteran stands 6’10 and his aggressive style of play is exactly what the Cavs could use in the post position especially during the Playoffs.


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