Cam Newton Pays Tribute To Prince With Customized Cleats & Aladdin During Post Game

Photo: Images via Icon Sportswire for Getty Images
Carolina Panthers star QB Cam Newton is ready to show you a whole new world with his pre and post game fashion.

During yesterday’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings before the game Cam Newton took the field in some custom Under Armour Cleats paying homage to the Paisley Park native before the start of the game along with wearing a Purple Rain shirt.

Newton’s C1N’s were reconstructed to look exactly like Prince’s famous Purple Rain outfit. The cleat featured purple suede upper and an actual white ruffled collar #Brilliant.

Following the game Newton paid somewhat of a homage to popular Disney movie “Aladdin” with his outfit and red top hat to match. Special thanks to the Panthers social media for pointing this one out.

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