Athletic Programs Around The Country Donate Team Gear To Aid Harvey Relief

The game of basketball has a brotherhood/sisterhood that can’t be explained, but one word that does it justice is community!

When tragedy strikes this global game of basketball has a way of bringing fans, supporters, coaches, players and enthusiast together in such a unique manner and it’s such an awesome site to see..and now more then ever it’s needed.

Thousands around the Houston area and beyond have been effected by Hurricane Harvey, and now the basketball community is stepping up to do their part. Coaches and players around the country have showed an overwhelming amount of support for Coach Kelvin Sampson call to aid relief to those who have been effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Recently Coach Sampson put out a call to action after having so many friends and colleagues reach out wanting to lend their support in the time of need. Coach Sampson challenged all Men’s and Women’s programs no matter what level of competition they are donate at least 20 school t-shirts and 10 pairs of shoes to those in need.

Let’s just say the basketball community is showing out with an overwhelming support and I absolutely love it!  Check out some of the programs who are giving back in a major way!

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