[#A3C17] T.I.G. & YFN Lucci Celebrate Consistency At their 5th Anniversary Concert


Loud Genius was in attendance as Think It’s A Game Records (also stylized as Think It’s A Game Entertainment or T.I.G.) celebrated their 5th anniversary on Wednesday, October 4th with a concert to kick off A3C Week 2017. In its brief history, T.I.G. has been a major force in hip hop and has curated some of Atlanta’s most successful independent artists including Rich Homie Quan, Trinidad James, and YFN Lucci.

With the release of the hit single “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad Jame$ in 2012, T.I.G. gained what many considered overnight success. However, T.I.G. was actually founded in 2006 by G. Henry, also known as “Fly,” who is the CEO as well. Fly and the T.I.G. family worked vigorously in promotions and event planning to build capital and relationships within the industry. Once T.I.G. broke through and established themselves, they consistently released hit after hit. From Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way” and “Flex” to YFN Lucci’s “Key to the Streets” and “Everyday We Lit,” T.I.G. managed to minimize their “downtime” these last five years, an impressive feat for an independent label.

For the evening’s festivities, DJ Lavish Lee held down the ones and twos and Bigga Rankin hosted as T.I.G. brought out their whole roster including Rubberband OG, Ferrari Fred, YFN Kay, and ForteBowie. There was also a performance by Erick Mack, the winner of the A3C Boost Mobile “Get in the Game” Artist Session contest. The most glaring omissions were also some of the most notable T.I.G. alumni: Rich Homie Quan and Trinidad Jame$. Their omissions were understandable, though, since neither of the two artists are on the label anymore.

If this concert was a buffet exhibiting the best cuisine T.I.G. has to offer, YFN Lucci was undoubtedly the main course. The YFNBC (Young Fly N****s ‘Bout Cash) family was heavy in attendance and were sure to make their presence known as Lucci emerged for his set. Starting from his first mixtape “Wish Me Well,” Lucci ran through his short but steadfast catalogue of records including “Patience,” “I Wonder Why,” “YFN,” and the fan favorite “Heartless.” Lucci even brought out Trinidad Jame$ as his special guest and supported Jame$ as he performed his song “Dad” and his hit “All Gold Everything.” As Lucci performed his biggest records to date, “Key to the Streets” and “Everyday We Lit,” an array of members from both the YFNBC family and T.I.G. crew gathered on stage to bring out plaques and celebrate “Key to the Streets” going platinum as well as “Everyday We Lit” being the number one record on Urban Radio airplay charts.

The night was filled love, loyalty, and legacy. Admittedly, I came to the concert with very limited knowledge of YFN Lucci outside of his two singles and him being a lot of my lady friends’ Man Crush Monday. The consistency of his records, his label, and his fanbase is easily Lucci’s stand-out quality. Five years is only a drop in the ocean of record music history. In the hip hop climate now, however, that is about the average rapper’s shelf life. With this concert, YFN Lucci and the T.I.G. movement showed no signs of slowing down with their concise yet concordant campaigns respectively.

Check out more photos from the concert below!


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