Is Lil Yachty’s Disappointing First Week Sales an Indication of the Death of the New Age Mumble Rap?

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That’s what many are saying after Lil Yachty much anticipated album “Teenage Emotions” landed 5th on the charts in its opening week, selling only 46,000 units. This is a sharp contrast to his larger than life fan base on social media where he garners over 3 million followers on Instagram and a Youtube page with almost 300,000 subscribers. What could be the reason for the drastic drop in actual support of his music? The 19 year old has an answer and for him it’s the overnight success with his image rather than with his music.

With his fire red braids with beads, controversial interviews on his thoughts about rap and status as a “rapper” and his unique dress and flow it’s not hard to see whether loved or hated why he is a topic of conversation and focal point on the new age of rap. He took to Instagram to state this about his album sales “I didn’t make this 21 project for the old reviews and bloggers. I made it for real Lil Yachty fans who have been dying for new music from me…I understand first week numbers didn’t do what most people expected but that’s only because they don’t understand me. They don’t understand us. I don’t expect anybody to. I make it for those who listen. I feel like my brand is so big and blew up so big, it blew up bigger than my actual music.”

In the age of small attention spans and love for image on social media many new artists like Lil Yachty and his peers like Lil Uzi Vert, and Kodak Black are gaining buzz more so for their brand than their music. Whereas established artists celebrated for the art form like Bryson Tiller, Kendrick Lamar and Drake are still ruling the charts. Tiller landed with his first #1 charted album this week with over 106,500 units sold while Kendrick and Octobers Very Own ranked 2nd and 4th respectively still after weeks on the charts. For Yachty though he chooses to use the poor sales as fuel to prove that he will remain a heavy hitter in the music game stating “To my fans. I appreciate you for riding this journey with me. I love you guys always and forever. F–k the outsiders…Do you. See you on tour.”

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