LG Music Monday’s: “Heat In The Streets”

Review: Joi Wheat
It’s Genius Music Monday. There were many singles that dropped over the weekend and it’s right we recap some of our favorites.

Loud Geniuses, I have a few singles that I would like for you all to check out.

Bring it Back
Trouble, Drake, Mike Will Made It
Rate: 5/10
Drake always makes nothing out of something. I was not impressed with this collaboration. Trouble needs to go back into the lab. However, I think it’s safe to say, you can never go wrong with a Mike Will production.

Finesse Remix
Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B.
Rate: 10/10
Considering the fact that I really just started listening to Bruno mars in 2017, I am impressed. This is one hell of a collaboration. Bruno Mars even made a fantastic video with this song.

He took it back to ‘In Living Color’.

Only 80’s babies would know about that show. I can’t forget about Cardi B. She is hot right now. Her verse was very fitting. You must check this song and video out.

My Pick of the Week:

T.I. ft. Jacquees
Rate: 10/10

I actually heard this song on the radio yesterday. It caught my attention immediately. I think TI is trying to make a comeback in the music business by including the young singer Jacquees.

Jacquees is actually burning up the charts with a couple of singles. This is one that you Geniuses should check out. This one can actually be added to your playlist for the winter time.

Other singles to check out:

“Cranberry Juice”
K Camp

“If You Leave Me Now”
Charlie Puth & Boyz II Men

Justin Timberlake

“All the Stars”
Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA

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