“I’m on the High End” Chris Brown ‘Heartbreak O A Full Moon’ Review

Story: Joi Wheat
Chris Brown has brought a different approach to the music world. Who would have thought to drop an album on Tuesday…right? Chris Brown of course!

CB decided to drop ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ this week consisting of 45 tracks which several in my personal opinion are bangers. This album comes on the heels of being in the limelight for suspected drug use. T

‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ consist of many potential hits with ‘High End’ being one of the singles.

This song includes Future and Young Thug so the flavor is versatile. He also has songs with Usher, Lil Yachty, and other well-known artists.

This album is about 3-hours long and is well-worth it. Even Timberland spoke out and said that CB was bringing real music back and I agree! If he continues to stay on the right path, he will continue to soar in the music industry.

Meanwhile, Brown can definitely be classified as a “baby Michael Jackson”. He definitely has the talent to be just like him. He is very artistic, can sing, rap, and dance. He truly has lots of successful years ahead despite all of the negativity against him. Say what you want about CB, he has the JUICE!

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