Grand Hustle, Hustle Gang Presents: We Want Smoke Listening Experience

Photos: Tash Wright
Story: Kimar Cain
T.I. and The Gathering Spot teamed up to make something special happen this week as Hustle Gang prepares to release their album this coming Friday, October 13.

T.I. shared the stage with many of his artist who showcased their talents, lyricism, and rachetness throughout the evening.

Artist like: Tokyo Jetz, Translee straight out of HuntVegas (Huntsville, AL), B.O.B., Yung Booke, Young Dro, Ra Ra, 5 Mics, and H-Tine’s (Town) own, Trae Tha True, etc etc!

The city of Atlanta showed mad love and appreciation towards the Hustle Gang camp and TIP celebrating the upcoming release as well as the 16th birthday of his first album, “I’m Serious” which was released October 9th in 2001.

Great moments happened on stage where Lil Duval made a guest appearance. T.I. made it clear that he is the creator of Trap Muzik and had the entire crowd screaming “F*** Donald Trump!”

It was a great celebration in Hip Hop with different styles and flows from each of the individuals and now this Friday you’ll be able to hear what the Gang has cooked up!

Pre-order the album NOW and get tracks like: Friends, Game 7, and Do No Wrong.

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