Genius Music Friday’s: Special Edition

Review: Joi W
Since, our very own, Bria Janelle, represented herself and Loud Genius very well on Episode 12 on the Rap Game, I will be dedicating this week’s article to the Rap Game.

I have been watching the Rap Game since season one. Today, is the season finale episode and the winner will be determined for the prize recording contract with Jermaine Dupri’s, So So Def Recordings.

The Rap Game is based upon five young rappers ranging from 11 years old to 16 years old. The five young rappers are from different parts of the United States and are competing with each using their different ways to rap.

This year’s young stars include Jordan, a teen whose goal is to rap about issues that change the minds of listeners, Lil Bri who won the Arts and Humanities Award from Michelle Obama and who writes all her own lyrics, produces and choreographs, Rapunzel who began writing rhymes and rapping when she was young, Ricci Bitti who seeks to follow in her older sister’s footsteps, and Street Bud who is the youngest of them all on this season and who seeks to be a positive influence for the younger audience members.

All five of these kids have different ways to bring their lyrics in. Although Bria thinks that Street Bud should win, I am torn between Lil Bri and Jordan. Jordan has a unique swag. He is very photogenic, but he tends to forget his raps. However, he has the potential to be the best because of his bars. On the other hand, Lil Bri has bars as well. She just looks a little older than her age. I expect her to do well in the industry.

I have encountered Street Bud in the streets of Atlanta during different performances before I knew he was on this show. I said to myself, he has the talent and “crunkness” to make it in the industry. He does not really need help. He could be independent because his momanger is an awesome manager and mother!

I commend each and every artist for making it to the final five to be chosen for the show. My play niece, Miss Mulatto, won the first season and I was very proud of her! Street Bud reminds me of her because Mulatto started at a very, very young age. However, the others that won the next two seasons were pretty dope as well. Good luck guys!

My Hit List Predictions (Based on lyrics)

1) Jordan
2) Lil Bri
3) Street Bud
4) Rapunzel
5) Ricci Bitti

On another note: Blac Youngsta -223 Album is out today! Check it out!

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