Did Toya Carter Raise a ‘disrespectful brat’?

One thing for certain about the blogosphere is we are all just a click and a search away from receipts. 

Toya Carter Wright wanted the record to be known while live tweeting along with the newest episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, that her firstborn is NOT a brat and  it only appears that way due to “editing”.                        

The statement would be valid, if there weren’t several public instance of Reginae being disrepectful to her peer and grown folks.  There was the time Toya dragged Tamar Braxton for being messy and Reginae took it  a step further by subbing Tamar with the comment ‘When you look like this……and they look like no…they stay mad’. 

Can’t forget about the time that her father, Lil’ Wayne was under fire for his anti-Black Lives Matter comments. Fellow rapper, T.I., made it clear he was “disappointed” with Wayne. Reginae then fanned the flames, by commenting… “You lost his number?” She wrote. “You should’ve copied and pasted this and sent it to him thru via text, but you wanna seek for attention.”

At the time, she defended her antics with a concise (now deleted) Tweet:

  DO NOT COME FOR TOYA AND WAYNE . Just point.blank.period.

— Love me (@reginae_carter1) November 7, 2016

Some may find the loyalty to her family (and referring to her parents by their first names) admirable. However, Reginae is only 19 years old and was younger at the time of both instances.

The Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta scene, that sparked Toya’s tweets, featured herself, Reginae, Ms. Deb and her son Brandon Barnes. The two families are attempting to squash a feud that sparked between Reginae and Brandon from the previous season. Ms. Deb checks Reginae and lets her know that her ‘I don’t care’, get in your face attitude is ‘dangerous’.  Reginae nonchalantly responds by looking at her manicure before the perfectly timed tears began to flow. Seems to have worked all Reginae’s life, but Ms. Deb wasn’t having it.

The verdict is in Toya, you raised a “disrespectful brat”. 

Toya claims this will be their last season on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta because of the inaccurate portrayal, but it is not the first time (and surely it won’t be the last), that we’ve seen Reginae being rude to her elders. Receipts don’t lie.

Look at the bright side, with a bun in the oven, Toya may have a chance to actually get things right with baby Reign.

 Check out the clip from Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta and let us know what you think in the comments.



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