Pregnant Princess Love and (Cheating) Ray J Call it Quits?

We all know those couples who’ve had a rocky start to their relationship. The ones who make up to break up to make up again, but somehow against the odds (and better judgment), still decide to take that trip down the aisle.

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s Ray J & Princess Love, are not only that couple on the show, but in real life as they still had their fairy tale wedding in summer 2016, despite publicized ups and downs. Since tying the knot, the couple has appeared to be living in marital bliss and announced they’re expecting their first child later this year.

Everything is not what it seems and people can only fake happy for so long. Princess’ post has now been deleted, but she posted the below quote on her Instagram with the caption, “Keep foolin’ the world, but you can’t-fool me anymore”. She ended the caption with the peace sign emoji and un-followed Ray J on Instagram.

Princess’ post came shortly after Ray J played himself…posted a video of him flexing in a hotel room. In the background of the video, you can see a naked woman in a shower. A naked woman, who is not his wife.

Princess’ and Ray J’s relationship prior to the marriage was very unhealthy. From numerous violent domestic disputes to Princess even getting locked up for Ray J…their past should have been a tell-tale sign for their future.

With all of that drama and then some, what were they actually expecting to accomplish with a marriage and baby? Get the ring, have the wedding, the baby and smile for the cameras but it will never stop a toxic relationship from being….toxic. 

Princess, girl, you really played yourself marrying Ray J in the first place. Take your own advice and leave. Get the same nerve that your husband had when he (“allegedly”) decided to sleep with someone else. 

Yeah, girl, find that nerve. 

Either way, ‘the world’ will be watching.


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