Phaedra Parks: From Mess to Model after Inking New Contract

Getting fired can be such a humiliating experience for most people, especially if the exit from the situation was anything less than calm. Phaedra Parks knows this all too well, after her alleged firing from the Real Housewives of Atlanta last season due to her own antics.

The reality-t.v. star who is also a mortician, mediator, entrepreneur and an attorney had no reason to fret upon her firing. In fact, it only freed up her schedule as she is now ready to glam up her resume with a ‘smize’. Phaedra has just announced her contract with Wilhelmina Models and released photos of a diva inspired shoot, paying homage to none other than Miss Diana Ross.

Phaedra dreams of inspiring people through her new modeling venture, “I think I’m the face of ‘yes you can.’ I’m a small town girl who has followed her dreams”, she told US Magazine.

Wilhelmina is a powerhouse that has signed a range of people in the industry, from Shawn Mendes to Nicki Minaj and Draya Michele. The publications of Wilhelmina span from couture to birthday suit shoots, but lucky for us nudity doesn’t phase Phae Phae. “I don’t mind baring it all, I have been wearing g-strings and baring it all really every season for seven years…I love nudity”, she continues, “I love my body and I’ve got curves. I’m a mother of two children, so I’m not perfect, but I have no problem getting naked.”

As a shorter model, there are few jobs and for a woman of color there are even fewer jobs. Hailing at only 5’1’, Phaedra is still motivated by it all, “I feel great about being different, in light of what’s going on now, politically … I think women need to be empowered to stand in their truth, to be different, dare to be diverse and stand up in times of controversy…. I have the opportunity to show people that beauty can come in every size, shade, color and age. It’s exciting and an adventure. ”

Congrats Phae Phae, you’ve already set an example of how to leave behind the mess and turn it into model behavior…can’t wait to see what happens next!

Photos: Robert Ector

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