Move Over Diddy and Jay-Z, The Newest Triple Threat Rihanna Is Reportedly Adding Lingerie To Her Empire!

Picture By: Complex

Take all our money why don’t you Rihanna?!? The singer, actress, and beauty business woman is looking to add and dominate another fashion and beauty space… Lingerie!

The Barbadian triple threat took the beauty and makeup world by storm in 2017 with the release of her cosmetics line Fenty Beauty. The makeup line catered to women of all shades and reached whopping sales of 72 million dollars in its first month alone!

After that success, it’s no wonder that she is looking to expand her brand. Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that not only has Rihanna been working on the line for over a year, but that she has also teamed up with #TechStyle. If you aren’t familiar with the name, you should be familiar with their product. They are the company that brought Kate Hudson’s #Fabletics to life. 

Rihanna and her team has yet to respond to the rumors but we will keep a close ear to the streets to give you the most updated news! 




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