Mentally Unstable or A Man Scorn? A Post Tyrese Instagram World Is Creating A Bunch Of Mini Me’s Starting with Kevin McCall

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Living in a post-apocalyptic Tyrese Instagram world it was only a matter of time before more mini emotional dysfunctional celebs popped up, most recently being with R&B singer Kevin McCall. McCall is best known for his features on 2 of Chris Brown hit songs “Strip” and “Deuces”.

The drama started about a week ago when his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Eva Marcille posted a series of pictures of her new growing family. The first picture featured herself with her daughter Marley Rae, and boyfriend Atlanta mayoral candidate Michael Sterling announcing her pregnancy. The second featured just her daughter and Sterling with the caption “Mornings in our House” and the last was only of the model turned actress and her growing baby belly with the caption “#Tummy.”

Whether it was seeing his ex-girlfriend move on and create life with someone else or seeing his daughter playing in the arms of another man McCall went on full blast calling out Marcille (“She’s a bitch…”) and disowning his daughter. After deleting all pictures of his daughter off of his Instagram, he wrote “If you want her so bad, you can have her. I’m deleting all memories of her…Out of sight, out of mind. Erased from my memory. Go play games with another person. It’s not working anymore. She’s yours forever and you can keep her.”

After receiving major backlash from fans horrified that a father would disowned his 3 year old daughter McCall came back to social media with a change of heart. He posted a throwback picture of Marcille pregnant with their child Marley Rae with the caption. “Even though we’ve both moved on and found new love and new life – I remember that smile I put on your face when I gave you your 1st baby bump.”

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Talk about a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! At this point it’s hard to decipher whether all of this is a publicity stunt by a B-list celebrity looking for some fame and notoriety for his fading star or if he really is a mentally unstable person crying out for help. Regardless of whichever one it is, the only one we seeing losing in all of this is that precious baby girl Marley Rae.

What do you think? Is he just a man scorn, looking for attention or a mentally unstable man crying out for help? Let us know in the comments below.


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