Jada Pinkett Smith Hurt By The Portrayal Of Her Relationship With Tupac In ‘All Eyez On Me’

Welp……this is a pretty interesting plot twist. As we celebrate birthday of the late Tupac Shakur (June 16) and the release of the highly anticipated film ‘All Eyez On Me’, many are left scratching there heads after several tweets posted by Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The film is off to a strong start in the box office, but Jada Pinkett Smith thinks otherwise. All Eyez On Me features first time lead actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Tupac and Katt Graham as Jada Pinkett.

The film opens up with a scene featuring Jada and Tupac in Baltimore where they first met. But…..this scene may not really be accurate according to Jada. Earlier today Jada took to her Twitter to show her disapproval to how their relationship was played out in a series of tweets.

She also went on to express her disapproval on how he scenes were played out.

With class she credited Demetrius and Katt for doing a great job, but still overall she described the film as hurtful.

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