‘Fetty and the Waps’: Alexis Skyy Plays Herself…AGAIN

Lately, rapper Fetty Wap has been more known for his personal drama, instead of his music. Did you know he dropped an album recently? Probably not.  However, you probably did catch Baby Momma #6, also known as his ex-girlfriend, Alexis Skyy going off on him on Instagram. If you’ve been following all the drama with the Waps in the Zoo, you know Alexis Skyy  “allegedly”  got pregnant by Fetty in hopes of being a family. In addition to getting revenge against fellow Wap, Masika Kalaysha, who got pregnant by Fetty (making her baby momma #3)  while he was still in a relationship with Alexis.

The tables have turned on Alexis because her premature newborn, Alaiya is here three months early. Fetty is stepping up to the plate as a dad, but still making it very clear that he doesn’t want to be with Alexis. Cue bitter baby momma rant…..

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Alexis played herself yet again by popping off because Fetty is choosing to spend time with a new victim, I mean… Instagram model versus his daughter, whose still in NICU. Naturally, when in your feelings on social media you open yourself up to public scrutiny. Insert, the Petty Wap, Masika Kalysha, who wasted no time to add more fuel to the fire of their personal feud by further taunting Alexis.


Alexis responded by subbing Masika and Fetty with shady captions and a perfectly timed, three weeks postpartum photo shoot.

Advice to all women involved, either square up or be mature enough to forever dead the pettiness. At least leave it off social media for the sake of all SEVEN children. None of the hate, sub-tweets, or shade changes the fact that all of your children are siblings. Let’s be real, all of the Waps are in the same Fetty-less boat. Yall’s baby daddy is as free as he wants to be. Follow suit and move on with your lives.

Experience with the Zoo shows, this isn’t the end of the drama as Fetty’s other ex-girlfriend/baby mother #2, Lezhae (mother of Fetty’s first daughter), is expecting their son any day now.

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