4 Times Blue Ivy Carter Made Everyone Seem So Basic

Social Media is still buzzing with talk of the Grammy’s. From the winners to the nominees, the red carpet fashion, performances and everything in between.  In the midst of a  star-studded affair, there was one who shined a little brighter. Blue Ivy Carter inevitably stole the show with her sass, when she motioned for both of her parents to simmer down as they were clapping.

Blue! ???

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Too cute! This isn’t the only time that Blue has told the people to ‘Bow Down’, here are the top four moments that Blue Ivy has flawlessly, let her star power shine.


4. A win for Bey is a win for Blue. The cameras were flashing as the Carters arrived at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Icon Awards where the Queen was being honored.  The Princess, Blue, wasn’t having it as she adorably tried to shoo away the paparazzi with the wave of her finger.



3. Summers with Grandparents are always fun! Like most five-year-olds, Blue Ivy soaked up some rays on a yacht with Mamma Tina and did what kids tend to do best…speak their mind! Mama Tina almost thought twice, because what Blue says goes!


2.  Sass is powered by juice boxes and fruit snacks. The “simmer down”, wasn’t the only time Blue’s colorful personality popped at the 2018 Grammy’s. Re-fueling in the middle of a ceremonious event can be tough, but no worries because Blue has a special helper just for the task.



1. When both your parents are known for stealing the show, it’s something that’s guaranteed to come naturally. She owned the stage from behind the scenes, back in 2014 during her mom’s Grammy rehearsal. Real star power is being able to stop the likes of, Beyonce in her tracks and it’s safe to say, Blue’s got it! 

“Hi Blue Blue” “Hi mommy” ??

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Obviously, Blue’s initials B.I.C, stand for ‘Blue’s in Charge’ and even if you forget it, better believe she will remind you!

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