[VIDEO] Steve Harvey Talks Police Brutality And Current State Of Hip Hop

Over the weekend Comedian, Multi-Media Personality, and Entrepreneur Steve Harvey made his way to the 2015 Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit. Harvey covered an array of topics in an intimate setting for his portion of the ‘Fire Side Chat With Steve Harvey’. “This is my first business conference I have ever been invited to,” stated Harvey. Harvey walked the audience through his career highlights and low lights and has continued to prove time again why he’s one of the best to ever do it. “Everything we look at was someone’s imagination. Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attraction, this is God speaking to you what he has for you,” said Harvey.

When asked about what excite’s him every day Harvey had no problem sharing; “My passion is what wakes me up. I just finished Family Feud; I don’t practice, you say something ignorant I point it out and they pay me for that,” says Harvey. On this same note Harvey recalled the time he was homeless and living in his car; “Do you know what it’s like to go to work and not be able to say I’m going home at the end of the day. I never want to be poor again,” said Harvey.

As the ‘Black Males Matter Town Hall’ event preceded Harvey’s fire side chat, moderator Earl ‘Butch Graves asked Steve to comment on the negative events that have been taking place over the past couple of months with young black men. “The situation with our young African American men, is not about to get solved unless we as black men solve it our self. This is a black male problem. The problem we have with our black men now is those of us that are 50 and older. We forgot to teach the generation that is right behind us what real manhood is. See that’s why you have Jay Z and Ludacris and all these young boys how to be men and they didn’t know there damn self,” said Harvey.

Press play above to hear how the rest of the story unfolds.

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