The NBA Calls Dave Chappelle ‘A Fan’ On Social Media; Twitter Reacts

Photo: Twitter
Last nights Game 3 match up between the defending NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics literally went down to the wire and man was it a good one. The two teams competed until the final horn sounded in the 4th Quarter.

Heading into the contest the Boston Celtics received devastating news that their star 5’9 Point Guard Isaiah Thomas had been deactivated for the remainder of the series because of a sore hip.

I.T was surely missed on the court but the Celtics found a way to come up big down the stretch ensuring that there would be a Game 5 home game in Boston.

But…the bigger headline just may reside on social media where NBA fans and comedy enthusiast were not very happy with the NBA’s social media referring to legendary comedian Dave Chappelle as a fan on Twitter last night.

During one of the timeouts at the game, cameras pan to comedian Amy Schumer who just so happened to be sitting next to Chappelle court side at the game. Capturing a screenshot of the two the NBA posted on their social media that Schumer was sitting next to ‘a fan’. Social media quickly erupted but by the time the league had tried to clean it up, it was to late.

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