[EXCLUSIVE] Comedian Spanky Hayes Says Tyrese Rented Sanaa Lathan

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In the mist of the war of words between Wild N Out Comedian Spanky Hayes and Actor Tyrese Gibson, our very own Bria Janelle had a chance to catch up with Hayes to clear the air. Earlier this week the two began to go back and forth when video of Spanky Hayes surfaced the internet, saying that Tyrese committed homosexual acts to land his 2001 role in John Singleton’s Baby Boy. Apart of his response to us here at The Session, Hayes continued allegations of Tyrese’s sexual preference when discussing Tyrese’s recent date with Actress Sanaa Lathan. According to Hayes he believed the recent date may have been a publicity stunt. “That was a media frenzy right there he doesn’t like Sanaa Lathan he just went on a date with her because I had called him gay” Hayes stated. Listen to the complete audio below, and stay tuned for more details.

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